Online Installment Loans

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Installment loans are cash loans that are paid back in fixed, regular, and equal payments over a specified period of time. Online installment loans work the same way, but are managed online and offered by specialized lenders. These loans are often more convenient for borrowers, making it so they don’t have to apply for a loan in person at a credit union or bank and can instead do it over the internet.

Borrowers may apply for online installment loans to help cover unexpected bills, pay for home repairs without maxing out their credit cards, or for debt consolidation. Managing the loan online is attractive especially to borrowers who need to cover unexpected costs quickly.

How Do Online Installment Loans Work?

To receive an online installment loan, borrowers apply at a lender’s website. Typically they will fill out an application and provide proof of an active bank account or current employment. There are lenders that don’t take an applicant’s credit score into consideration for approval, making installment loans a good option for people with a poor credit history. The lender will review the application and either approve or decline the application. Some lenders offer a quick turnaround for approved loans, depositing cash directly in the borrower’s bank account.

The terms of the loan specify how many payments will be made, how much is due each payment, and how often payments will be due. To avoid amassing debt and increasing the expense of the loan through interest, it is recommended that borrowers prioritize on-time payments for their online installment loans.

The loan agreement will also state how much money is being borrowed and the interest rates. Interest rates are determined by the lender, and may be impacted by information on the borrower’s application, their ability to repay the loan, and their credit history.

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