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Online Application

5 Minutes Online

Upload Documents

Verify Information

Begin by completing our online application in 5 minutes or less. Be prepared to provide documentation of your two most recent pay stubs as well as a valid color copy of your ID. Upload a photo or scanned copy of these documents in the Lift Credit Customer Portal or email them to [email protected] with your name clearly listed in the subject line.

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Loan Approval

30 Minute Response Time

Customized Payments

Deposited in 24 Hours

A Lift Credit loan processor will review your information within 30 minutes of receiving your application during business hours. Because our loans are designed to be paid back over time in a way that works best for you, we will set up a payment plan that fits with your financial situation and income schedule. Our loan experts are qualified to approve loans up to $2,500 that can be direct deposited the next business day.

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What to Expect

Fast Customer Service

Declining Rates

Cashback Rewards

We know how stressful money management can be. That’s why we offer fast and reliable customer service and on-time payment rewards throughout the duration of your loan. We offer declining rates, as well as earning 1% of the interest you pay for every on-time payment. Receive cash back or choose from our catalog of gift cards.