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Idaho Installment Loans

Lift Credit understands that emergencies happen in life, bringing unexpected costs. If you are looking for an installment loan in Idaho, we are here to provide you with the resources you need to get back on your feet. By applying for our online installment loan, you can get fast cash to help you cover immediate needs.

Terms for Installment Loans in Idaho

$100 - $3,000
Idaho installment loans fall between $100 and $3,000. When you apply through our quick and easy online application, we can help you make it to your next paycheck. We never check your FICO® credit score, so you don’t have to carry a high credit score to be approved for your installment loan in Idaho. Funds are deposited directly into your account the next business day. With a customized payment plan for each customer, we design our loans to be paid back over time through affordable payments.

Repayment Terms for Idaho Installment Loans

15 - 18 months
Lift Credit loan terms are between 15 and 18 months. Once your application is submitted, our specialists will examine your application and help you come up with a payment schedule that best fits your needs and circumstances.

APR in Idaho

Our Annual Percentage Rates (APR) are between 199%. These rates depend on several factors, such as repayment terms, your loan amount, and your background information. The good news is that we offer declining rates and interest back when you pay your Idaho loan installments on time!

Terms and Conditions for Installment Loans in Idaho

Below is a list of our basic guidelines to aid applicants in knowing whether they should apply. More documentation or conditions may be required for approval. In order to approve an installment loan application and legally provide customers with financial support, we are compliant with Idaho’s specific rules and conditions for lenders. These guidelines affect our  installment loan amounts, terms, and rates. 

When applying for online installment loans in Idaho, it’s important to take time to review terms, conditions, and privacy policies. Failing to understand the legalities of Idaho installment loans may hurt you in the long run. Below is an example of some of the qualifications needed to be approved for a loan. Additional documentation may be required in some situations.

Apply with Lift Credit Idaho

It’s always wise to research before applying for installment loans in Idaho. Thus, be sure to learn more about Lift Credit’s Idaho installment loans, our online application process, and what to expect down the road. We provide affordable and innovative installment and personal loans in Idaho. With customized payment schedules, we will help you escape that stressful financial bind.

Common Installment Loan Examples

Our personal loans range from $100 to $3,000 to help you get back on your feet.

Rates and terms are custom to each customer based on your application. Rates are based on the customer’s employment and loan repayment history, as well as a number of other factors. The table above shows loan examples offered to recent Lift Credit customers. If approved, the specific rate and terms of your loan agreement will be unique to you.

Need a little financial education on personal and installment loans before you make a decision? Read these articles to help you make the best financial decision for yourself.

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If you have a problem that cannot be resolved by speaking with us and the nature of the complaint is something other than a high rate of interest or lack of funds to pay the loan, you may contact the Idaho Department of Finance at 208-332-8000.

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