Fast Funding

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Fast funding is sought when someone has an immediate financial need—unexpected illness or injury, medical bills, a needed home repair, replacement transportation—and needs cash fast. Expenses increase during an unexpected emergency, and someone who finds themselves in this situation might seek immediate financial relief in the form of a personal loan.

Sources of fast funding include:

  • personal loans
  • installment loans
  • payday loans
  • secured loans
  • cash advances

These types of fast funding offer quick access to cash that must be paid back with interest. Fast funding is usually needed when there is an emergency personal expense, and there is no time to spend waiting through a lengthy application process.

How to Get Fast Funding

The first step to getting fast funding for personal expenses is to find a reputable lender that offers short-term personal loans. The lender will discuss your options for fast funding. You may visit a lender in person, or may be able to call on the phone or chat online. Some lenders offer loan applications online, which are especially convenient to borrows who need quick application, approval, and access to cash.

When borrowers apply for fast funding through a personal loan, they often need to supply personal information and proof of employment. The lender then reviews the application and either approves or denies a loan.

If the loan is approved, the cash will be deposited in the borrower’s bank account within a few business days. The amount borrowed is typically between $50 to a couple hundred dollars or more. In the terms of the personal loan, it is specified how the loan must be repaid, along with interest rates and any fees.

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