Ways to earn extra cash for the Holidays

The National Retail Federation said that the average shopper spends $800 a year on holiday expenses like gifts, food, decorations, etc. If you are like me, you probably don’t have $800 in extra cash just laying around to spend. So, here are some helpful ways of how you can earn extra cash for the Holidays.

Get a seasonal job at a retail store: If you are thinking about getting a second job, get one now! Retailers hire for the end of the year because it’s usually the best time of year for them. Let them know how many hours you want to be working. Even an extra 20 hours a week could help a lot!

Cash in unused and unwanted gift cards: Did you know that more than 1 in every 4 gift card sold, goes unused. CNBC said that the average American household has $300 in unused gift cards. If you are part of this, go through your kitchen drawers and see if you still have unused gift cards that you could sell. Sell them on craigslist.com or online companies that will buy them off of you.

Be an Uber or Lyft Driver: These are great companies that you can work for on your own time. Being a driver for Uber or Lyft can be an easy way to earn side cash for the Holidays. The best part is that you can choose when you work and for how long. Check out their websites for more on how you can get started today.

Sell your skills: Maybe driving people around doesn’t sound too fun to you. Try something else that you are good at and sell that skill. Good at baking? Sell your baked goods. Good at photography? Do some photoshoots! If you don’t have a skill set that can help you earn some extra cash, maybe it’s time to start looking into something that you do in your spare time to make more money.

We know that the Holidays can get expensive and you might be needing some extra cash. We hope that these ideas can help but also remember that LiftCredit.com is always an option if you are in a bind.

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