Holiday Travel Saving Secrets

The holiday’s are just around the corner. If you are going to be traveling to grandmas’s or anywhere for that matter, make sure to get the best deal you can with these holiday travel saving secrets!

Compare and shop around. You might have your favorite airline, but shop around to see if you can get a cheaper ticket somewhere else. Shop around for different times of flights as well! Mornings and nights are typically less expensive than flights during the day.

Book now! Booking your flight early can help you save. If you are planning to travel for Thanksgiving or Christmas you should start booking now.

Don’t fly on the peak travel dates. The worst and most expensive travel days are the ones before the Holiday. Get better prices by traveling on the same day as the holiday or a few days before. Traveling on the same day as the holiday might seem like a downer but it might be worth it, just compare prices.

Get a ride to the airport and leave early. Parking at the airport is expensive. Instead, ask a friend, family member, or get a ride in a taxi to the airport! Be sure to get dropped off early. The last thing you want to do during holiday travel is miss your flight!

Stick within the baggage limits. Going over this limit will cost you! Stay away from paying extra by packing smart and weighing your luggage before hand. Double check with your airline and flight information to see how much your luggage can weigh.

We hope you are able to travel cheap and safe this holiday season!

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