Thanksgiving Savings

Thanksgiving dinner savings

  • If you are providing Thanksgiving dinner for everyone in your family, it will become a financial burden. Assign everyone who is coming to bring a dish!
  • Plan ahead and start buying early. This way you can find and use coupons to save.
  • If there isn’t much room in the budget to make a large meal, cut out things you don’t need. The pumpkin pie can wait until next year.
  • Simplify. Making a complicated meal can be stressful. Good food and good company is all that you need for a great Thanksgiving meal!

Black Friday

  • It’s the craziest shopping day of the year. Be safe and be respectful. No one likes the person who is throwing punches to get the $5 waffle iron.
  • Have a plan before you go shopping and look for price matches! Check between different stores and make sure you are actually getting the right deals. Make a list and check it twice because your eye might catch a deal for something you don’t need. Just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean you should buy it.
  • Wait for Cyber Monday! Many stores will have awesome online savings and it will save you the hassle of waking up early and fighting for toys. Lastly,

Be grateful

  • Remember that this is a time to be together as family and friends. Don’t let the little things, like a burnt turkey, get in the way of your happiness this season.
  • We also invite you to give back and help others. Show your gratitude by passing it on!

We hope you can enjoy this holiday with these thanksgiving savings. Happy Thanksgiving!

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