Month: November 2016

Online Shopping Savings

Most people are doing their shopping online nowadays. Holiday shopping, shopping for clothes, and even grocery shopping are all done online. If you buy stuff online you could probably use some online shopping savings tips. Couponing– Online coupons are a great way to save money! Many companies will even give you a coupon code just

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Thanksgiving Savings

Thanksgiving dinner savings If you are providing Thanksgiving dinner for everyone in your family, it will become a financial burden. Assign everyone who is coming to bring a dish! Plan ahead and start buying early. This way you can find and use coupons to save. If there isn’t much room in the budget to make

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Ways to earn extra cash for the Holidays

The National Retail Federation said that the average shopper spends $800 a year on holiday expenses like gifts, food, decorations, etc. If you are like me, you probably don’t have $800 in extra cash just laying around to spend. So, here are some helpful ways of how you can earn extra cash for the Holidays. Get

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Holiday Travel Saving Secrets

The holiday’s are just around the corner. If you are going to be traveling to grandmas’s or anywhere for that matter, make sure to get the best deal you can with these holiday travel saving secrets! Compare and shop around. You might have your favorite airline, but shop around to see if you can get

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How to Lower the Cost of Home Insurance

Home insurance is necessary. This is especially true if you are paying on a mortgage as you will be required by your lender to have your home covered. But how do you know that you are getting a good deal? Are you paying more than you should? Here are some ideas on how to lower the

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