Ways to Save Money Living with Your Partner

Living with a partner has its perks and its pitfalls. Don’t let money be one of those problems. Stay on top of your finances with these helpful hints on how to save money living with your partner.

Set common goals: If you are both on the same page, you can both work towards the goal together. If there isn’t a goal, there is no clear vision of what needs to be done and problems in spending and saving are more likely to happen.

Create a budget together: The key to this is “together”. If only one of you creates the budget, the other has no reason to actually abide by this budget. Work together and have a say it how the budget should be set. After it is made, help each other to keep this budget!

Be transparent: Don’t hide spending. This isn’t healthy for your relationship or your bank account. If you are hiding your spending, then you are probably spending money on things that you shouldn’t be.

Have a joint bank account: You know what they say, “What’s mine is yours!” By having a joint bank account, you are able to remain transparent and work together more easily in reaching your goals.

Live off of one income, save the other: If possible, use one income to pay the bills with and the other to save! Even if you can only do this for a few months, you can build up an emergency savings fund very quickly.

Take advantage of tax breaks: Changing your W-4 withholding to ‘married’ will result in a higher take home amount from each check.

Go on daytime dates: This probably can’t happen too often, but when you find time, go out to lunch for a date! Lunches are typically a lot cheaper than dinner.

Plan and make meals together: This could even be done for date night! Make freezer meals and eat them during the week instead of eating out. This can help you save money and time!

Have money meetings as much as possible
: check in with each other on how your spending and saving is going. Having these meetings will help you to remain transparent and remind you of your goals.

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