The Cost of Halloween

You should be scared. Halloween is just a few weeks away and the actual cost of it might be shocking. Here is break down of the most important Halloween tricks and treats.

Candy: Last year Americans spent $2.9 billion on candy alone. That is a lot of candy, and while kids would be ecstatic about this statistic, you probably aren’t. Savings tip? Shop around for the best deals. Bags of candy prices can vary from $1-$3 so try to stay on the lower end by checking multiple stores.

Costumes: In 2015, $2.1 billion were spent on costumes. That’s a lot of princesses and pirates. Save this year with do it yourself costumes. You don’t have buy the pricey branded costume for your kid to still get great candy on Halloween. Make something yourself and get creative by using things you find around the house. You can also use this time to spend with your children and make great memories together.

Pumpkins: America produces about 1.5 billion pounds of pumpkins each year. The cost of each pumpkin definitely depends on where you get them from. If you are going to be spending the day at a corn maze and pick your own pumpkin from the pumpkin patch, you will probably spend more than you need to. Our savings tip? Choose a medium size pumpkin, not large, and get it from your local market.

Decor:  Halloween home décor reached a shocking $1.9 billion last year. That is a crazy amount of money for spider webs and skeletons. Our spooky savings tip? Get creative! Just like costumes, you can make your own decorations instead of store bought ones and save money! Halloween will be over in just a few weeks anyways, and this décor can’t be used any other time of the year. But if you have to buy new decorations, make sure to look at multiple retailers for the best deals.

Overall, America is expected to spend $6.9 billion as the cost of Halloween, making the average American spending to be $74 individually. Try saving this year with these tips!

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