Summer Vacation: Budgeting Do’s & Don’ts

Summer vacation on beach

The summer is on it’s way and everyone is itching to go on vacation. While vacation is always a great experience, the financial burden it can cause isn’t. Here are some simple practices to help you make the most of your vacation and not spend all of your savings to get to your destination!


Do: Think ahead and figure out a realistic timeline. Go through your budget and plan how much you need to save each month in order to make your vacation happen. By saving even a little each month, you will eventually be able to afford the summer vacation you are craving. So start saving early!

Don’t: go on vacation last minute. If you haven’t planned and saved money in advance, your vacation will be more expensive and could ruin your regular budget.


Do: Vacations are a great way to get a way and make memories! If this is a priority, then make it a priority in your budget. Go if you have the money saved!

Don’t: if there simply isn’t money in the budget for a vacation. Know what your first priorities are and if those will suffer by a vacation splurge, it might not be the right time.

Plan ahead

Do: your research! This is where you will save the most money. Find the best deals online for flights, hotels, and local attractions. Just make sure to always read the fine-print before purchasing.

Don’t: skip this step. If you have been saving to make this vacation happen, don’t spend your money where you don’t have to! Put time aside and save big.

Set Expectations

Do: plan ahead and have set expectations and plans of where you will stay and what activities you will do. Know what you are paying for.

Don’t: plan on staying in a 2 star hotel and expect it to be of 5 star quality.


Do: Start making your plan! It’s already April.

Don’t: Go on an emotional whim and spend money you don’t have! If you are working hard to get out of debt, keep going! A vacation isn’t the best idea in the situation. You won’t be in debt forever if you are working towards getting out and there will be plenty of other opportunities to go on vacation.

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