How Your Garden Can Save You Money

garden saving money

Starting a garden can be a great way to save some money! Store bought produce can be expensive. However, it depends on the vegetable if it is actually worth planting yourself. Some take a lot more time, space and care than others and their seeds can sometimes be expensive. Keep your garden simple and easy to take care of with the following plants.

Things you should plant:

Tomatoes– They are really easy to maintain and they don’t need a lot of help to grow. Once they get started, you may even find yourself with more tomatoes than you are able to anything with. Put them on a sandwich, in a salsa, or can them and use them later this year.

Bell peppersIf you grow them yourself, you will be able to fill an entire bag of bell peppers for the same price of purchasing one at the grocery store. Feel free to add these in to your salsa!

Squash, zucchini, and cucumbers– These seeds need room to grow as their leaves are large, but they are also easy to grow. There are so many easy recipes, even breads, that you can make with these vegetables to get the most bang for your buck.

Herbs– Buying fresh herbs at the store is expensive, while planting your own is simple and cheap! Just cut off the amount that you need and it will replenish itself.

Don’t bother planting:

Corn– These plants need a lot of room to grow. The main reason it isn’t recommended to grow yourself is because of the time and space needed until it is ready. Plus, corn is cheap, especially when it’s in harvest!

Potatoes– These guys can be tricky to grow on your own and if you aren’t careful you might have rotten or very small potatoes when you harvest. In addition, potatoes from the super market usually sell for about $1 per pound, so you are better off purchasing them.

Carrots– If you are lucky and have great soil, you will still only get one carrot out of every seed. It’s better and cheaper to simply buy carrots in bulk!

Watermelons– Watermelons are needy fruits. They need rich soil, a lot of room, and of course, lots of water. It also takes up to 80 days for them to actually be ripe and ready to eat.

Start planting now and reap more than just vegetables, reap savings!

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