The Real Facts About a Millennial’s Economy

Dear Baby Boomers and Generation X,

Let’s state the obvious: it is no secret that you roll your eyes at Millennials. Most generations think we are entitled, that we don’t get it, and we only care about finding our “passion”. While some of that may be true, a few of us “young-ins” might actually have a good head on our shoulders. Sure, the path that has been laid: get an education, have a family, buy a home, and retire. I agree life would be a lot easier if we saw it that way too but considering we lived through the age of music downloads and getting 50 miles to the gallon…we think a little different and we can’t help it. At the same time computers were growing out of their 5 MB hard drive, we were going through our own awkward stage of acne and Wayne’s World. Now we are older and we will be contributing to society not only intellectually, but monetarily as well. So instead of assuming we will ruin everything you have started, here are the real facts of what a Millennial’s Economy looks like. FYI, its a game changer.

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