Is Your Resume Ready? Tips for Resume Building

If you want to take control of your financial future, one of the best things you can do is make sure your resume is always ready to show. You never know when you’ll find a great new job opportunity, so you always want to be prepared. Being prepared with a resume can also impact your life in a lot of other ways–getting a new job can mean increasing your salary, getting approved for loans and credit cards, and getting a new apartment. Here are great tips to make sure your resume is ready when your next big opportunity comes.

Use numbers in your writing

When you write descriptions of your past jobs and experiences, make sure to include numbers. For example, “helped customers with their finances” sounds rather bland, but “helped an average of 30 customers per week decrease their debt by 15%” is much more vivid. Adding in numbers will not only help future employers understand your capabilities better, but it’s much more specific and makes you seem more credible.

Use the right keywords

One vital tip to build your resume is to use keywords. Many job search sites, including LinkedIn and, can scan your resume for certain keywords to match you with employers. Employers can also filter out applicants depending on whether their resumes include certain words, so even though you worked hard on your resume, it may never even reach a recruiter if it doesn’t have the right keywords. If you have any special certifications, make sure you list them clearly. You can also include specific phrases from the job description you’re applying for and use them in your resume, tailoring your experiences to what your employer is looking for.

Make yourself stand out

This is a risk that can come with great rewards. Obviously, you shouldn’t put anything too personal on your resume, and certainly, nothing that would make an employer cringe. But adding something unique about yourself can make you really stand out. If you’ve achieved any great personal goals, like running a marathon or winning a cook-off, you can appear more well-rounded and interesting. It can also show that you are a driven, creative, and goal-oriented person in all aspects of your life, which are great skills when applying for a higher position job.

As you build your new resume, you’re getting ready for a better future. You’re coming from a position of power and preparedness, and you’ll be ready for that bigger salary when your opportunity finally comes. By implementing these resume tips, you can get a better job, earn more money, and improve your credit. Check out other simple ways improve your financial future.

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