Ways to declutter your life

Raise your hand if you have clothes in your closet that haven’t been touched in a year. Raise your hand again if you tend to lose things but find them randomly. For the last time, put your hands up if you still have burned CD’s from your high school boyfriend. If you answered yes to one or all of these, we think it is time to declutter your life, here’s how:

Finance– We’ve said it before and we will say it again. It’s all about the budget. That’s right you have to actually sit down, take the pen to paper and write everything down. 80 percent of Americans find themselves in debt and debt is the definition of financial clutter. Experts suggest having six months salary as an emergency fund. Listen to the experts, they are always right.

Social– The world is full of “Yes Men” but I think it is time to say no. It happens to all of us, we over commit because we don’t want to let anyone down but here’s the secret: you will wear yourself out. Take some time to slow down and reflect on what you really want out of life. Stop over committing: put yourself first for once, you deserve it.  

Computer– If you are anything like me, you drag everything to your desktop and leave it there. Or you just don’t care enough to unsubscribe from all of those junk emails. Well here’s the answer: Unroll.me. Just sign up and it will go through your junk mail for you. While we are on the subject, let’s cover social media. Go through your feed and hide everything that doesn’t add value to your life. So your ex that you just want to “see how they are doing,” let’s reevaluate.

Car- Major key: always have a bag for your trash. No one wants to see that Reese’s wrapper under your seat. Oh and that crevice of death that you always lose your phone in? We have the answer. For the men: those basketball shoes in your trunk? Probably won’t get used for awhile, just take them out. For the ladies: that make up bag in the glove compartment gets messy and outdated real quick. You can thank me later.

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