Month: July 2015

pet owners

The Cost of Pet Ownership

Your daughter begs and begs you for a puppy at least 14 times a day. She says it will help her learn responsibility, and you think, well, maybe she has a point. She’ll feed it, take it for walks, and play with it – but other than the upfront ‘adoption’ fee, how much does it

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savings account

Where to Stash Your Savings

If you aren’t putting your money into some kind of savings account, you’re making a big mistake. Putting your money into savings allows you to earn interest of the funds you aren’t using – so if you have extra cash just sitting in your checking account or in the piggy bank in your bedroom closet,

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Fundraising Ideas

Lately we’ve seen a lot of fundraising requests pop up in our news feeds – things like family members in the hospital, asking for help to adopt children, or funds needed for church and community events. Fundraising can be a fantastic way to earn money for a worthy cause. Some of the typical things we

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7 Ways to Serve in Your Community

“The human connection extends around the world, but starts across the street.” – Invisible Children Sometimes it can be hard to find places in your community to serve, or even know where to begin the process. Here are some ideas for where to look for opportunities to serve, and how to get started.

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To-do list

6 To-Do Lists You Should Make Today

I love to-do lists. I make one every morning, and sometimes re-make it after I’ve crossed some things off, just to make it clean and pretty again. Plus, did you know you get a boost of dopamine every time you cross something off? It’s science.

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Turn a bad day into a good day

Turn a Bad Day Into a Good Day

Unfortunately we all have bad days. Some days it seems like nothing can go right – you wake up late after a long night with crying children, you burn the toast, you hit every red light on the way to work, and you find out you forgot to push send yesterday on an important email.

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