6 To-Do Lists You Should Make Today

To-do list

I love to-do lists. I make one every morning, and sometimes re-make it after I’ve crossed some things off, just to make it clean and pretty again. Plus, did you know you get a boost of dopamine every time you cross something off? It’s science.

My daily lists are just tasks I need to finish for the day – both at work, and at home – but you can use to-do lists for every area of your life to keep your goals on track. Here are some we think you should create, if you haven’t yet.

1) Reading List
Books are one of the best ways to increase your vocabulary and your knowledge base – plus, they’re great for conversation. Include novels as well as informational or how-to books.

2) Life Goals List
Want to become a published author, run a marathon, or start a company? Make a list of the big goals you have, to keep your sense of direction and make sure you’re spending your time in a way you’ll be happy with at the end of your life. Don’t be afraid to aim big – just make sure they are things you really want to accomplish. You can separate them into short-term and long-term goals, to ensure you eventually reach them.

3) Shopping List
It’s a billion times easier to stick to a budget and a meal plan when you head to the store with a shopping list. You’ll save money on gas, too, for not having to make several trips. Make shopping lists for clothing you need, too, so you don’t end up buying another black shirt that you don’t need.

4) Bucket List
You bucket list should be the fun/adventurous things you want to do in your life – like go parasailing, skydiving, try es cargot, be an extra in a movie, etc. Your bucket list will keep life entertaining, and help you be on the lookout for fun opportunities everywhere you go.

5) Travel List
“Travel the world” is on nearly everyone’s Bucket List, so take it a step further and write down all the places you want to see. If you know ahead of time where you want to go, you can plan a multi-destination trip, which will save you time and money. A travel wish list helps you always have something to look forward to, and something to save for, so you won’t be stuck with staycations every summer. You could even divide it into to sections, with a “short trip” and a “long trip” list.

6) Skills List
To continue the growth of your professional skills, create a list of the things you want to learn or improve. Include languages you want to learn, classes you want to take, or even skills you can learn by watching YouTube videos. Learning new things is one of the best ways to help your mind stay young. Not only will new skills help you professionally, but they’ll ensure your lifelong happiness and sense of fulfillment.

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