Fundraising Ideas

Lately we’ve seen a lot of fundraising requests pop up in our news feeds – things like family members in the hospital, asking for help to adopt children, or funds needed for church and community events. Fundraising can be a fantastic way to earn money for a worthy cause. Some of the typical things we think of are bake sales, garage sales, selling t-shirts – but the sites below have some incredible ideas you may never have thought of to help your cause succeed.

When and why should you fundraise? Typically fundraisers are done for non-profit organizations like charities, schools, and churches. Laws on fundraising vary across states and cities, so check with the organization you are working with to understand the legalities and regulations that apply to your fundraising campaign. If you’re doing a personal fundraising campaign, sites like allow anyone to start raising funds for things like starting pet shelters, fighting diseases, new business ideas, and school tuition.

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