Valentine’s Day on a Budget

Valentines Day card

It’s almost time for Valentine’s Day and if you are in a financial bind, it can be intimidating.
Here are some ideas on how to save money this Valentine’s day and not sacrifice your love for it.

Cut out the cheesy gifts.

You know what I’m talking about: A teddy bear, heart shaped chocolates, and a store bought card. This isn’t memorable. Try something different and more meaningful like a homemade card with 101 reasons why you love your significant other or a photo calendar with pictures of the two of you from last year. These simple gift ideas will last!

Eat In.

Plan and make a meal together! This will be more memorable than eating out at a fancy restaurant. Make it a fun experience to stay in and end off the night with a rental movie.

Just drive.

Get in your car and just drive. Go somewhere you have never been before or revisit place where you have made memories. You will have to spend money on gas but the time spent together will be worth it. This is simple and doesn’t involve a ton of planning.

Game Night.

Dust off your board games and invite a few friends over! You could even make simple heart shaped treats for fun.

Remember to try not to spend a lot of money. Rather spend time together. Memories will always outlast roses.

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