The weather is nice and it’s time for summer savings! From Summer vacations to fresh fruit and outdoor parties, here are some of our tips for saving this summer.

Your beach body– Ready to hit the gym but don’t want to break your summer budget? Look for gym discounts & special rates that are often offered during the summer only.

Update your appliances– If you’re in need of a new fridge or any type of appliance, get one during the summer! There are always great deals happening with holidays, like the 4th of July. Plus newer appliances are typically better with saving energy and can help you save on your energy bills.

Travel using online tools– We already posted about the best ways to do your summer vacation, so here’s the reminder. Remember to use online tools to your advantage! Check for better flights, rates, hotels, & discounts with just a few simple clicks.

Buy in bulk– Fresh fruits and vegetables are great but they can add up quickly. Buy them in bulk (as much as you can, you don’t want your food going to waste) and locally to get a better deal! There are farmers markets and local grocers that can give you great deals.

Clean out your home– If you missed spring cleaning, it’s not too late. Clean out your house while the weather is still good and sell items that you don’t use anymore. You might be surprised at what you think is trash but others see as treasure.

Close your blinds– If you want to stay cool without spending a fortune on air conditioning, try closing your blinds during the day. Your house won’t heat up as much and you will save energy.

Find free things that are happening locally– Aside from getting deals at farmer’s markets, they are a great way to spend your evening! Get outside and go to free city events like outdoor concerts, instead of spending money. There are always cheap activities, you just have to find them.

Plant a garden– This will cut out a lot of your fruit and veggie expenses from above. For ideas on what to plant, read our post here.

Generic brands– When going grocery shopping, buy the generic brand. You won’t see much of a difference in the product but there will be a big difference in your budget! Learn more about saving money while grocery shopping here.

Summer Party planning– Skip out on spending money by going to a concert and throw an outdoor party in your backyard. Make it potluck and you will save even more money. Not to mention that you will actually be able to talk with your friends!

There are plenty of ways to find summer savings, so get started!

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