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Spring is here and with it comes expenses! From spring cleaning to spring break, be prepared for what’s coming.

Start with Spring Cleaning.

This can be an intimidating and time consuming task, but it can also be rewarding! For quick ways to get this job done efficiently learn more here!

If you believe that you have to have expensive products to get the house clean, you are wrong. Use off brand products! Buying generic brands will do one thing for sure, save you money! They might not look as fancy as the brand name products but they will get the job done.

Next, get rid of the things you don’t use! You can sell your used stuff for extra cash. This kills two birds with one stone, gets you money and gets rid of clutter. For more tips on how to sell your things for money, read our blog post “Best Items to Resell

Spring Break

If you are going on a trip for spring break, here are some simple things to do when looking for a hotel. Get a room with a fridge and microwave so you can grocery shop and have a few meals in your room. This will save you money from eating out. Also stay at a hotel that has complimentary breakfast to save even more! If you haven’t planned ahead, don’t worry. Many times hotels will have last minute deals to get you through the door.

Summer Vacation

It won’t be happening this Spring, but it is a good idea to plan ahead! Start by figuring out how much the trip will cost you and how many times you will be paid until you leave. Divide the price by the times you get paid and you will know how much you have to set aside per paycheck. Use these funds to pay for hotels, gas, and food. Remember, you don’t have to break the bank to have a great summer vacation! The key is to start saving now. For more tips on how to have a great trip without a lot of spending read our post “Guide to Cheap Road trips“.

We hope you can use these tips to help you save money and enjoy your spring!

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