November Budgeting

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Aside from your regular bills, the month of November has additional expenses you should plan for. Winter is here and it comes with a lot of cold and a lot of expenses. Here are some things to look out for when it comes to setting up a budget for November.

Cold weather

It can dramatically raise your expenses, especially when it comes to utility bills. If you are cranking up the heat to stay warm, be sure to budget accordingly to be able to pay for your bill when it arrives. Another expense that comes with the weather is winter clothing! If you haven’t already, chances are you will need to buy coats and boots to survive the snow. Try to find sales to help your budget! The last expense that might come up is snow tires. If you drive a car that doesn’t perform well in the snow, you might have to invest in tires that don’t slide in the snow.


Tuition is expensive and If you are in school, it will be due again at the beginning of the year. That’s just a couple of months away. Keep saving in preparation for the next semester!

Thanksgiving Holiday

You might not think of this holiday being too expensive but it can add up! From turkey to pie, your grocery bill will be a lot larger than normal. You might also plan on traveling to visit family. Plan head of time to budget for gas or plane tickets!

Christmas Saving

It’s just around the corner and if you don’t want to drain your bank account for your Holiday fun, make sure to set aside funds now! It is the most expensive time of the year so be smart with spending!

Make a goal to start budgeting month to month. Think about what extra expenses might be ahead! You’ll be better prepared, save money, and stay out of debt.

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