Money Hacks for a Better Year

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It’s a new year and you may have already made some new year resolutions by now. If you haven’t here are some great ideas for resolutions to help your financial situation this year!

1. Stop impulse buying

Have you ever gone to Walmart for just a couple of things and left with a cart full you don’t even need? To cure you from this bad spending, make a specific and detailed list for shopping. And stick to it! This will take time and effort but it can go a long way in saving if you do it right.

2. Make extra payments on your debt to pay it down faster

When you make these extra payments they go towards your principal balance. The smaller your principal balance, the less you pay in interest, saving you money over time! Extra payments don’t have to be a lot of money. Even an extra $50 can go a long way!

3. Build up an emergency fund

We all have emergencies and everyone wants and needs to have a financial cushion for these unexpected expenses. This fund could be used for medical bills, car issues, or house repair. Remember that it is called an emergency fund, so spend it on just that. Emergencies! If you do have to use yours in the future, remember to replenish it as quickly as possible. To learn more about emergency funds, go here!

4. Save for retirement

If you haven’t started, today is the day! There are a lot of perks when it comes to saving for the future. Make a plan and start saving now. For more tips see our post on retirement here!

5. Build a better budget

If you want to save money, you need a good budget. Cut out the things you don’t need and focus on the essentials. For a free budget print out to get your started, go here!

Making these changes and working on them all year can help you save and put money towards a better future!

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