Lift Credit’s Top Recommended Personal Finance Podcasts

Whether you are into true crime, daily news, or human resources, there is a podcast out there for you. Podcasts have been growing in popularity over the past few years, so anyone can find a podcast that interests them.

Podcasts can be an excellent knowledge source, but keep in mind that anyone can make a podcast, and high quality isn’t always there.

Lucky for you, Lift Credit has gone through hours of podcasts to find the best personal finance podcasts for you!

Best Personal Finance Podcasts

1. The Dave Ramsey Show

With over 20 years of national radio hosting, Dave Ramsey takes the cake as the best source for all things financial. Callers can call in their financial problems and Ramsey gives advice based on decades of working and teaching in the industry.

What We Love:

Dave Ramsey provides seven straightforward “Baby Steps” for you to overcome debt and build financial security. He incorporates these steps into every podcast and allows callers to announce on his podcast that they are free from debt. This gives listeners extra motivation to get out of debt.

Possible Drawbacks:

If you are not one for religion, know that Dave Ramsey occasionally brings in religious topics and principles to illustrate points. However, the financial advice is definitely top-notch.

2. Afford Anything

You might be drawn to this podcast thinking that you will be able to learn the secrets to accumulating enormous amounts of wealth. You’d be wrong. This podcast emphasizes that you can afford anything. . . just not everything. Paula Pant, the podcaster, travel enthusiast, and financial guru, helps you understanding everything from retirements to time-tracking to positive psychology.

What We Love:

Paula has something for any person at any level. She takes questions from beginners to lifelong savers and answers them individually on her podcasts. Paula takes the time to thoroughly answer the question so that you can learn to build a better life.

Possible Drawbacks:

Sometimes you find a podcaster and feel like you trust them completely. With Paula, you can do that. Realize, however, that her guests aren’t necessarily as reputable.

3. Listen Money Matters

Listen Money Matters was built on the idea that high school does not prepare young people to properly handle money. You can thank Andrew Fiebert and Thomas Frank for gathering this wealth of knowledge. These guys are not your typical personal finance podcasters. They are also one of the best financial independence podcasts out there.

What We Love:

They keep it fresh with their relaxed vibes and top-notch tips. Their humor and pop culture references make you feel like you are chilling with friends instead of just listening to a drawn-out lecture.

Possible Drawbacks:

These guys love alcohol, and they talk about a new drink at the beginning of their podcasts. You can skip the beginning and go straight to the fun laid-back money conversations. Also, be aware that they do drop some words that probably shouldn’t be overheard by youngsters.

4. Stacking Benjamins Podcast

This is probably not the only podcast coming from someone’s mom’s basement, but it’s the only one on our list of top recommended personal finance podcasts. Joe Saul-Sehy, financial advisor, and OG (the Other Guy), Certified Financial Planner, have been hosting this show for the past seven years.

What We Love:

This podcast feels like you are on a financial version of Saturday Night Live because they have so many different segments. They keep the pace moving forward and time flies by!

Possible Drawbacks:

The humor is a hit or miss. Sometimes it’ll make you laugh and other times it’ll make you feel like rolling our eyes. Keep that in mind when choosing a podcast.

5. Radical Personal Finance

Coming in with over 600 episodes, Radical Personal Finance is here for those who are already financially literate. It provides in-depth content for their listeners. Joshua J. Sheats is a Masters of Financial Planning and launched this podcast on July 1, 2014.

What We Love:

Joshua knows his stuff and is very structured in how he goes about talking about it. If you are further along with your personal finance, this is the podcast for you. From taxes to cars to IRA, he covers it all to help you become financially independent.

Possible Drawbacks:

If you are in the transition phase between newbie and expert you might need a dictionary to keep up with his vocabulary. Not all of his ideas are crystal clear to the financial novice.

With so many podcasts out there, we hope that we helped narrow your search for the best personal finance podcasts to choose from. Let us know which ones you like best in the comment section.

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