How to Eat Cheap (and Keep it Healthy)

Eating healthy

1) Make your own food

This tip is good both for eating healthy, and for eating cheap! When you make food yourself, you know exactly what’s going in, so you cut out lots of preservatives, additives, and chemicals that aren’t healthy. Try making your own homemade peanut or almond butter, hummus, broth, almond flour, taco seasoning, and yogurt. Plus, making full meals at home is much less expensive than pre-packaged goods or eating at restaurants.

2) Go meatless once a week

Meat is expensive, so try cutting meat out of your diet one or two days a week. There are lots of healthy, tasty, and satisfying vegetarian recipes out there (we’ve included one for you)! Lentils are cheap, and full of protein – a great replacement for meat.

3) Buy produce in season

Strawberries in off-season cost four to five times as much as they do in late spring/early summer. Try to buy only what’s in season! If you like to eat certain produce all year long, buy them when they’re in season, and freeze or can the rest to use throughout the year.

4) Grow your own garden

If you have the space, growing your own garden can save a ton of money! One zucchini plant can yield enough zucchini to feed your whole neighborhood. Even if you have no yard, you can grow herbs in potted plants in the kitchen – some herbs have more than a 2000% price markup!

5) Buy in bulk

Although you pay more up front for bulk items, it will save you money in the long run, as long as you use it all before it expires. Only buy items in bulk that don’t expire, or foods that you know your family loves. For instance, don’t buy 4 heads of romaine lettuce just because it’s cheaper unless you know for sure you can use it all within a week or two.

6) Cook in bulk

If you are making a huge batch of something that you know you can’t finish quickly, separate it into containers and freeze half of it, so it doesn’t go to waste. This works well for soups, lasagna, and casseroles.

7) Buy online

Sometimes it’s cheaper to buy in bulk online for specialty items, like seasonings. Always check discount sites first, like Amazon.

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