Go Green, Save Green

going green with money

At first glance, going green could seem expensive, even though it is eco friendly. But it isn’t as hard or financially straining as you may think. In the end, it can save you money!

House Temperature

“The rule of thumb is that you can save about 3% on your heating bill for every degree that you set back your thermostat” full time, says Bill Prindle, deputy director for the nonprofit American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy. Try adjusting the thermostat just a couple degrees when you are home and even lower when you are away. No need to be heating up the house if you aren’t going to be there!


A lot of times your appliances use up wattage just because they are plugged in. The most consumption comes from the television and  Here are our tips: Turn off your computer completely. If it is just asleep, its sucking up energy. Better yet, unplug your electronics when you aren’t using them. To cut down your energy consumption try unplugging computers, televisions, lamps, toasters, modems, and dvd players. Again, the major appliances that consume the most are your computer and TV.*

Refrigerator Coils

You will find these coils behind your fridge. Vacuum up the dust and wipe them down with a wet cloth until clean. This is the spot where dust accumulates and your refrigerator has to work harder to do its job with dust.


The more people carpool, the more people who can split the cost of gas and less gas is being used. Really it’s simple math. Ask around the office to see if anyone lives close that would be willing to carpool.

CFL (Compact fluorescent light bulbs)

Save you energy and trips to the store to buy more light bulbs! Why? Because compact fluorescent light bulbs use lets wattage than incandescent and last longer. They also come in a lot of different styles, shapes, and even color. They last longer and use less energy per hour. For a side by side comparison go to http://eartheasy.com/live_led_bulbs_comparison.html

Save Water

Take shorter showers. Shut off valve while shampooing, shaving, soaping, etc. It will also help you save on your heating bill. Another tip is to turn off the water as you are brushing your teeth! http://environment.nationalgeographic.com/environment/freshwater/water-conservation-tips/

These tips are simple and if you need to find some more ideas on how to save, check out our other posts!


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