8 Best Items to Buy and Resell for Profit

A new car loses about 10% of its value when you drive it home and about 50% of its value over the next few years! That’s a fact of life about cars. But what about other products? Are there any items that you can buy and then resell for the same price you paid for them–or a higher price? Yes, there are, and that can make you money! Ready to sell used stuff? Here are the best items to buy and resell:

1. Furniture

This is one of the best items to resell. Look especially for tables and chairs made of real wood. Sand them and add a coat of finish, and you might resell them for more than you paid! Look for furniture in good condition and unique and hard-to-find items. Vintage lamps, reupholstered chairs, desks, hutches, entry tables, dressers, and vanity tables are in demand.

2. Bicycles

Bikes are not losing their popularity any time soon. Think of how useful they are in college towns that lack public transportation. Road racing bikes and mountain bikes are great resellers. Think about buying a damaged bike and repairing it—or even just selling it to someone else who wants to repair it!

3. Legos

These colorful bricks are one of the most popular brands in the world. Although some people want the latest ones with the movie tie-in, the hottest sellers can be the big, old collections. People who already have collections want to add some older bricks that they’re missing. You can check on social networks if anyone has an old set they want to get rid of.

4. Video Games 

Oh, the nostalgia! People want to relive their childhoods with iconic systems like the Atari, Amiga, or Nintendo Entertainment System. Those old game cartridges can be hard to find, so people will pay a lot, even though you might find them at a thrift store for $1. On the other hand, look for hot deals on the latest games for Nintendo Switch, Playstation 4, or Xbox One.

5. Brand-Name Clothes 

Thrift store clothes can resell well if you can find good brand names. Bonus points if you can bundle them together into a lot. Remember, your buyer wants to feel good about the status they’re getting without paying the price. Look for high-end brands like Gucci, Michael Kors, Calvin Klein, DVF, and Coach, but also look at Aeropostale, Abercrombie & Fitch, Express, and Nine West.

6. Vintage Picture Frames 

Although families usually don’t want to let them go, you might get lucky and find one. Someone else will be very excited to buy it from you! You might also find one in a thrift store around a questionable piece of art. Grab it if it’s in great condition–large ones for local resale, small ones for transporting elsewhere.

7. Apple Products 

They really hold their value. iPhones resell better than any other cell phone brand. The Apple Watch seems to be going the same way, only losing about 15% of its value if it’s used. People are always interested in iPads, too, for their portability. But, to be honest, there are plenty of people who will buy a lower-cost tablet model who don’t want to pay Apple prices.

8. Vintage Pyrex and Tupperware 

You may find either of these brands at a local thrift store. Just make sure they’ll be collectibles. People are looking for vintage Pyrex cookware, anything unusual, or full sets. In Tupperware, the best sellers are the colorful sets that some remember from the good old days.

Get your used items for sale sign ready and get selling!

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