Best Items to Resell

Everyone knows that when you buy a brand new car, you lose money the moment you drive it off a lot. It becomes a “used car,” so the novelty of new is gone. But what are some other things that you can sell and get back close to what you paid for them?

Furniture – As long as it’s in good condition, you can usually get a pretty good return on furniture, especially if it’s unique or hard to find. Vanity tables, nice entry tables and dressers, desks or hutches will typically resell for a good price, as well as anything made from solid wood.

Cell phones – The demand is high because people often lose or break them. If you’re upgrading your phone, as long as your old one works well, it should be pretty easy to sell for a decent price.

Bicycles – Particularly in college towns with no public transportation, bikes are hugely popular. Mountain bikes and road racing bikes retain their value really well, and some general maintenance and repairs will help increase any bike’s value.

Appliances – Everyone needs them, so the demand is always high. Fridges and washers and dryers have the best resale value.

Gym equipment – It’s expensive to begin with, and with at-home workouts becoming more and more popular, gym equipment sells quick. January is the best time to sell, when people are making New Year’s Resolutions, as well as spring when people are working on their summer bods.

Lawn equipment – Big ticket items usually retain their value really well, provided you maintain them regularly and they’re in good working order.

Baby items – Cribs, bouncers, high chairs and changing tables always get sold pretty quickly, because kids grow out of them so fast that not many people want to pay full price.

Generally, small items like clothing, dishes, video games, movies and books don’t resell for much, as well as electronics with quickly-changing technology (think TVs and computers/laptops). Bigger items and items that are high in demand are the ones that sell fastest and for the best return.

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