Back to School Savings

back to school savings

With summer ending and school is just around the corner. Hopefully you have had a thrilling summer full road trips, spontaneous adventures, and fun. Now is the time to refocus and get back into the student saving mode!

After paying tuition, buying textbooks, and purchasing that annual parking pass, you might find yourself asking “How can I cut back and save money this semester?”. Here are our tips for back to school savings this semester:

1: Buy or rent used textbooks.

You can save hundreds of dollars by renting or buying used textbooks. Go a week early to get the used textbooks, they go fast! If you find that you like the textbook at the end of the semester, you can always buy it.

2: Never grocery shop with an empty stomach.

This stands true as one of the most successful principles of saving money. When you go shopping on an empty stomach, you will buy more than you need! Make a list and make sure you know what you are going there to purchase. Don’t go shopping hungry and save money!

3: Limit the number of times you eat out.

It’s easy as a college student to eat out. You don’t have to make the food and it’s quick. You will be shocked how much you can save if you limit your fast food spending. Prepare your meals the night before.

4: Cancel monthly subscriptions.

There are a lot of monthly subscriptions that you don’t need and could save you money. Do you really need subscriptions to Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Vudu. I’m sure you can use your roommate’s subscription if you have extra time in between studying.

5: Pay bills on time.

This one is an easy money saver although it can often be forgotten about while you are busy at class, studying, and taking tests. Know when your bills are due and set reminders on your phone each month. You can even set up automatic payments with your bills to make it a lot easier.

We hope these simple tips help those going back to school and those who might just need some help saving extra money!

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