22 Tips for Staying Positive at Work

staying positive at work

8 hours is a long time. It can be easy to get caught up in the negativity of coworkers, or check the clock every 5 minutes throughout the day. The secret to an enjoyable, productive work day starts the night before. Here are some tips for staying positive throughout your work day so you don’t feel drained when you get home.

Get at least 7 hours of sleep each night.
Wake up early enough to get ready without needing to rush.
Eat a healthy breakfast before leaving the house.
Plan out your day before opening your email inbox.
Make to-do lists.
If you have a desk job, get up and move 5 minutes of every hour.
Drink water at least once every hour.
Eat healthy snacks and meals throughout the day. Sugary and high-fat foods make you feel tired and miserable. Hunger makes you unable to perform your best.
Avoid people that bring you down.
Don’t join in on bad-mouthing your company.
Don’t say yes to projects and tasks you know you don’t have time to accomplish.
Recognize when you start to feel stressed, and work to identify and address the cause.
Keep your work space organized.
Avoid being reactive; take criticism as feedback for improvement.
Realize that mistakes are stepping stones of learning. Don’t beat yourself up for them. Make a plan so you don’t repeat the same mistakes.
Consult with your coworkers on the best way to tackle tough assignments.
Admit when you don’t understand something, or don’t know the answer.
Take responsibility for your shortcomings.
Take responsibility for your accomplishments.
Break down assignments into smaller, more manageable tasks.
Develop personal relationships with coworkers. Having a friend makes work less daunting.
Identify where things can be improved in your company, and determine a plan for how it can be changed. Present it to your superiors, or put it into action if you have the authority.

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