Month: August 2016

10 Tips for Financial Success

10 Tips: Start with your paycheck. You need to know how much money is coming in and what is being deducted from each check. This way you will know what your budget can be. Set a budget. Give yourself strict rules on what you will spend on necessary items and unnecessary items. Figure out your needs and

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Your Financial Relationship

Are money problems causing more problems with your relationship? This is normal because money is the leading cause of stress in a relationship.* While we aren’t love experts here at Lift Credit, we have come up with some ideas to help resolve and prevent money problems in relationships and help you build a great financial relationship.

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Back to School Saving Secrets

Before you leave the house to go spend a fortune on backpacks and notebooks, do a quick inventory of what you have. Get your kids to gather everything they have from pencils, notebooks, and lunch boxes. If it’s not broke, don’t try to fix it by getting a new one. Once you go through all

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Learning About the Different Types of Student Loans

College tuition is high (and getting higher) and the U.S. student loan debt is astronomical. Here are a few sobering numbers: $1.4 trillion = Total U.S. Student Debt $2,858 = Student Debt Accrued Every Second $37,172 = Average Student Debt in 2017 It’s not too hard to believe these dollar amounts when you consider that

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Getting Serious About Your Credit

Are you serious about your credit score? Getting to a point where you are happy with your credit score seems daunting. You probably know that there are a lot of steps and time that needs to happen before you reach a credit score that you like. But if you are serious about making those changes and

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