10 Tips for Financial Success

10 Tips: Start with your paycheck. You need to know how much money is coming in and what is being deducted from each check. This way you will know what your budget can be.

Set a budget. Give yourself strict rules on what you will spend on necessary items and unnecessary items. Figure out your needs and wants, then don’t budge.

28/36 rule. Only 28% of your paycheck should be going towards housing and your debt costs should be below 36%. If this isn’t the case, evaluate your debts and living arrangements.

Emergency Fund. Save at least $50 a paycheck until you have an emergency fund big enough to help you incase an emergency happens. You should be good with around $500.

Retirement. Start saving as soon as you can for retirement! The earlier you start, the more you will save and the more that money can accrue interest.

Employer Benefits. Many employers have savings opportunities like 401(K). Talk with your human resources department about what you can set up today to start saving for your future.

Debts to tackle first. Evaluate your current debts and decide which ones would be most beneficial to pay off first. Usually this is going to be any debt with the highest interest rate.

Get insured. Make sure to be insured. This may seem like a waste of money when you are paying for it, but when things happen, insurance can be a lifesaver!

Aim for a better Credit Score. What is your current credit score? If you don’t know the answer you need to check it! Evaluate where you are and what you wish your score would be.

Set Saving Goals. Set big goals! Whether that is buying a house or paying off all of your student loans. Remember this goal when you are making tough financial decisions, you can do it!

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