Month: September 2015

Phone apps for saving money

The Best Apps for Saving Money

Here are the best apps you should download to start saving money today! Whether its for general finance or grocery shopping, there is an app for you that can help! General Finances: Mint- Money Manager, Budget & Personal Finance- We have talked about Mint before and that is why its our #1 general finance app.

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Money in savings account

Start Your Savings Account

Do you have a savings account? If you don’t, now would be a good time to start one. To learn more about the differences in types of saving accounts, check out another post here. If you already understand the basics, but need some more help deciding whether or not to start one, here are some more advantages

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Avalanche vs. Snowball

There are a few ways to go about tackling debt. Start by writing out each of your debts and include the balance as well as interest rate. After that read about the two most common methods for paying off your debt and see which one will work best for you. Avalanche vs. Snowball.

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How do loans work - Different types of loans

Loaning 101: Understanding different types of loans

When it comes to getting a loan there are a few things you should know. Here are the basics details about the most common loans; Mortgage, auto, personal and payday loans. For understanding loans, there may be some terms that need to be covered. Let’s start with APR. APR stands for annual percentage rate and shows you

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filing a credit dispute

How to File a Credit Dispute Online

Your credit score can have a big affect on your life and it can make all the difference when it comes to financing and getting a mortgage. Sometimes the information on credit reports can be wrong. Notice an error on your Credit Report? Here are some tips to getting a credit report dispute filed.

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