10 Tips for Saving this Christmas!

Saving tips for Christmas

All of the Holiday cheer can be expensive. To help you save money during this season here are 10 tips to saving this Christmas!

1) Make this season affordable

You shouldn’t spend more than you make, so choose gifts that are affordable to your budget. If buying the best presents isn’t possible,

2) Make lists and stick to them

By making lists you are more likely to stick to your budget and plan out where the best deals are.

3) Plan for travel early and get tickets in advance

Some even say 12 weeks. The earlier in advance they are bought, the cheaper the tickets. Don’t wait until last minute. This will save stress and money.

4) Buy gifts online

There are a lot of deals online that can be cheaper than buying in the store. Check both to find the best deal!

5) No cost holiday shipping

Find websites that have no cost for holiday shipping, this might take a little work in finding the right sites, but it’s worth it for the free shipping.

6) Start saving & spending now to spread out the costs

The sooner you start setting money aside for gifts, the easier it will be to spend. Spread out your spending over time so that you don’t break the bank Christmas Eve.

7) Black Friday & Cyber Monday savings

Maybe you are willing to go out on Black Friday. If that’s the case, get the deals! There is a reason Black Friday is so crazy, it’s because it has the most deals for the holiday season.

8) Buy food in bulk or when its on sale

If there are deals during thanksgiving, like a 2 for 1, buy two and freeze the other turkey. Cook it up on Christmas!

9) Do it yourself presents

They may not be the prettiest and come in perfect packaging, but a do it yourself present will mean a lot more than something store bought. Put some thinking and creativity into your presents this year!

10) Reuse wrapping paper & decorations from last year

Trust me, no one will know! You don’t have to buy new decorations or wrapping paper every year. This also means saving the things you don’t need for next year!

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