Month: June 2019

What Is the Highest Credit Score Possible And How Do I Get It?

When a credit score can make or break you, it’s easy to wonder, “What is the highest credit score possible?” The Fair Isaac Corporation (creator of FICO credit scores) uses two types of credit-scoring models: base scores and industry-specific scores. The base scores range from 300 to 850, and the industry-specific scores range from 250

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Why People Are Asking If a 401k Is Even Worth It Anymore

It’s been projected for years that the Social Security trust funds will run out by 2034. In its 2019 annual report, the Social Security Administration’s Board of Trustees pushed that projection back a year. This means that by 2035 there won’t be funds to draw on to make up the difference between what workers pay

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Best Financial Goals on How to Pay Off Debt

Financial Freedom When you were a teenager, you probably looked at adults and saw freedom. They had money, they had their own car, they could do whatever they wanted! Now you’re an adult and you see a more real picture of what’s going on. Adult life can stress you out, especially when it comes to

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