Month: May 2016

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How to Manage Your Past Due Personal Loan Account

At Lift Credit we want all of our customers to have a positive financial experience. We hope that each customer will stick to their original payment schedule or even pay their loan off early to save them interest. However, we do understand that life happens and sometimes customers aren’t able to make their full payment or any payment at

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Things to Consider Before Debt Consolidation

Let’s start with some background: What is a debt consolidation company? A debt consolidation company takes all of the customers outstanding debt and combines them into one. The customer then only has one payment that is made to the debt consolidation company and the company disperses the payment to the other debtors. Basically the company

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improving credit score

#1 Way to Improve Your Credit Score

Your credit score can be the difference between being approved for a loan, getting a lower interest rate, and saving you a money in the future. But what does your credit score mean? Your credit score is based simply on how well you pay back debt and can handle credit. Your score is based on

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