Month: May 2015

Giving gifts

Gift-Giving on a Tight Budget

In my family there are 11 kids, and there are five of us – yes, five – that have birthdays within three days of each other. On Christmas, we draw names for gift-giving so it’s less expensive for everyone, but birthdays are different – everyone needs to be celebrated, so this time of year gets

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New wardrobe

Save Money on a New Wardrobe

Sell what you don’t wear Go through your closet once a year. If you find something you haven’t worn in a year – or that you forgot you even owned – it’s time for it to go. Clothing doesn’t sell for much online (like eBay or craigslist) unless it’s a specialty item, so your best

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health insurance form

Using Medical Insurance to Save Money

You may be paying unnecessary money for procedures and prescriptions that are commonly covered. Look more closely at your health insurance policy to see if any of these frequently overlooked benefits are available on your plan. If you’re not sure where to look, call the number on the back of your insurance card to have

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Cheap road trips

Guide to Cheap Road Trips

If you plan it right, you can have just as much fun on a cheap road trip as an expensive luxury vacation. The best part of a road trip will be the memories from the great experiences you have, so it doesn’t matter how much a trip costs!

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