What Makes Lift Credit’s Installment Loans
Different From Payday Loans?

Affordable payments over time

Full payoff plus interest and fees

The more we’ve learned about the installment loan industry, the more determined we’ve become to change the way consumers borrow money. This has pushed us to create more innovative and affordable installment and personal loans in Utah, Idaho, and Wisconsin. See why Lift Credit offers the best installment loans around:

Lift Credit

  • 99% – 399% Interest Rate
    With Lift Credit, if you make your payments on time, your rates decline.
  • Customized Payment Schedule
    At Lift Credit our loans are designed to be paid back over time with simple easy payment Schedules.
  • No Prepayments Fees
    At Lift Credit what you see what you get. There are no hidden fees.
  • Rewards Program
    For each on-time payment you make to Lift Credit, you get 1% of that interest back.

Payday Loan Companies

  • 400%+ Interest Rate 
    Loans can start at 400% and be even higher depending on the state and how short the loan term is.
  • Strict Payment Schedule
    With some payday loan companies, it can be as limited as one payment payback which demands the full payment plus the interest.
  • Hidden Fees
    With some payday loan companies there can be service charges and down payments that are required.
  • No Rewards 
    Can vary from company to company, but we have found that many do not offer any.


Applying for an installment loan with Lift Credit is quick and easy. Our online application only takes 5 minutes to complete. You just need to provide your two most recent pay stubs and a valid color ID.


Paying off a loan has never been easier! Our installment loans are specifically designed to be paid back with simple, easy payments. Our experts will help you create a customized payment plan that works with your financial situation so you can always stay on track.


Lift Credit installment loans are a great way to go if you need cash fast. You can expect a loan expert to review your application within 30 minutes of submission during business hours. If approved, up to $2,500 will be directly deposited into your bank account by the next business day.

“Lift Credit saved the day! The application process was a breeze. Funds were in our account the same day. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Lift Credit again and again.” (Brian, UT)


No credit? No problem! Lift Credit never checks your FICO credit score, so you don’t have to worry about it fluctuating. We also offer installment loans for all types of credit scores and backgrounds. You can still be approved for a loan even with bad credit! If you do want to improve your credit score, be sure to check out our credit education resources.

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