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How to Get an Installment Loan with Bad Credit

One of the biggest misconceptions about personal loans is you can’t get a loan with bad credit.  Similarly, not everyone knows how to get an installment loan with bad credit, even if they know it’s possible. The task can seem daunting, and fear of rejection can easily kick in.  Fortunately, Lift Credit is here to

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21 Signs Of Financial Stability

Everyone has a unique financial situation, but what does financially stable mean? The truth is that it can mean different things to different people. A millionaire might not think they are financially stable, but a middle-class household might think they are.  Generally speaking, though, financial stability means that you have little debt and have enough

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Achievable Personal Finance Goals for 2020

‘Tis the season of goal making, and it would be a mistake to not set some financial goals for yourself. If you’ve got solid goals and thorough plans to achieve your goals, you’ll have a much more financially comfortable year.  Setting too many goals is a great way to achieve none of them, so we’ve

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Best Personal Finance Books and Why You Should Read Them

In order to be truly successful, learning can’t be something you only do in school. Billionaire Tony Robbins is a great example of this as he attributes a lot of his success to his love of books and learning. If you don’t know every single thing about personal finance, then check out the best personal

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