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Woman working during Coronavirus

Best Jobs to Have (or Get) During an Emergency or Pandemic

Businesses and schools closed. Families lined up outside food banks. Commodities flying off shelves. Millions furloughed and unemployed. Daily losses in the stock market. No, this isn’t a description of wartime challenges or the Great Depression—these are scenes of everyday life today in the United States, thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic.  While stay-at-home guidelines may

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How Congress and Lift Credit are Helping During COVID-19

This is a difficult time for a lot of people financially and otherwise. Business closures due to social distancing initiatives have put millions of people out of work, and that number is likely to climb. This type of hardship is something that we recommend having an emergency fund for, but at this point, that may

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Are you financially literate quiz

Are You Financially Literate?

The definition of financial literacy according to Investopedia is, “the ability to understand and effectively apply various financial skills, including personal financial management, budgeting, and investing.” These questions will test how well you understand and apply those personal finance skills.

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Is Filing Your Own Taxes Worth It - Lift Credit

Is Filing Your Own Taxes Worth It?

They say there are two things you can’t escape: death and taxes. After the holiday season you start receiving tax forms in the mail, and you might think about how to file your taxes. Should you hire a tax professional to do it for you, or decide on filing your own taxes for free? While

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3 Common Springtime Spending Traps - Lift Credit

3 Common Springtime Spending Traps

We’re fresh off of Christmas, the most expensive season of the year. If you spent a bit more than you should have, spring is a great time to scale back. It’s a chance to revisit financial goals for the new year, and to be careful with our spending so we don’t end up in trouble.  This

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The Benefits of Filing Taxes Early

How Early Can You File Your Taxes?

There’s nothing like waiting until the last minute, especially when you’re trying to avoid an unpleasant task. We’ve all procrastinated on something important. But waiting until the night of April 14 to file your taxes isn’t a great idea. Choosing to file taxes early instead can have some major benefits, while filing late might leave

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What Emergencies Can a Personal Loan Help With

If you or your family is in a financial emergency, personal loans may be the thing to pull you out. In this article we describe some financial emergencies and if a personal loan is a good solution. How to Avoid Financial Emergencies Before we dive in, it’s important to touch on how you can avoid

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What is an Installment Loan and Are They Good for My Credit?

You’re in a financial rough spot and you’re looking into taking out a loan to keep yourself afloat. You’ve heard about installment loans, but what is an installment loan? An installment loan is a loan where you borrow money from a lender and pay it back, plus interest, in roughly equal monthly payments. These loans

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How To Nail Your Homemade Halloween Costume

Halloween is full of scares, frights, and fun! What shouldn’t scare you though, is the cost of Halloween costumes. Instead of generic over-priced costumes, check out these benefits and tips for cost-effective homemade Halloween costumes. What Do I Dress Up As? Figuring out how to dress up for Halloween is easily the most difficult part

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