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Why You Should Network with New People Every Day

If you have a job you like, you’re not looking for any new opportunities, and it seems like a pretty secure position, how should you invest in your future financial security? Professional networking. Network Now Once you graduate from college, you’re in this career thing for the long haul. You may have landed your first

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When to Use Online Loans

There are a bunch of different loan types. Car loans, mortgages, student loans, fixed-rate loans, variable interest loans…the list goes on. Any of these might be the best loan to get depending on the situation, but when is an installment loan from an online lender a good idea? The New Grad Problem Let’s say you

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12 Easy Ways to Lower Your Energy Bill This Winter

The holiday season is an amazing time of year. There’s more time with family, people are more friendly and the seasonal food is amazing. Sadly, there is one serious downside to the winter holidays. Your energy bill. With colder temperatures, your furnace has to work overtime to keep you warm. That can cost you a

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How to Pay for Grad School (And Not Go Broke)

Once you’ve earned your undergraduate degree, you have a couple of options; you can head out and join the workforce, or you can jump right back into school and pursue your graduate degree. Some people even opt to work for a few years before going back to get their masters. Whatever stage of life you’re

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How to Not Spend Money: Combating Overspending Habits

If you’re like many people you may often find yourself overspending when you go to the store. While it may be difficult, there are many ways you can learn how to not spend money and buy less by replacing poor spending habits with new ones. We’ve compiled our 11 favorite tips on how to not

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Easy Frugal Living Tips: How to Live Frugally & Save Money

Living frugally doesn’t necessarily mean living on the cheap. Learning how to live frugally and save money for important things can actually free up finances and give you more money to spend on the things you really want—instead of the things you think you need. We’ve compiled our top frugal living ideas to help you

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What is the Student Loan Debt Crisis?

If you want a scary story before bedtime, just read up on the student debt crisis. As of 2018, students in America owed a collective total of $1.5 trillion (with a “t” for twelve zeros, if you were wondering), according to the Federal Reserve. That’s an increase of over $80 billion from 2017. And as

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How to Refinance and Consolidate Your Student Loans

According to the Federal Reserve, 30 percent of all American adults have incurred student debt, and they typically owe between $20,000 and $25,000. Monthly payments can be hard to manage, especially when they can be as high as $200 to $300 a month. Luckily, you can improve how you manage your own debt when you

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