Month: July 2016

5 Ways to Build Your Wealth

The key to building your wealth is much more than earning more money. We want to show you how you can become a lot wealthier on the same income. 1. Change your way of thinking- Stop thinking in this order, bills, spending, then saving but rather saving, bills, then spending. Figure out how much you

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10 Indicators of Financial Stability

Not sure how you are doing financially? Use these 10 indicators of financial stability to see where you stand. 10 signs you are have financial stability: 1.You are happy with your money situation. 2.You don’t fight with your spouse about money. 3.You don’t use credit cards often, or when you do they are paid in

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3 Financial Habits That You Need

If we could give you financial habits that you need in your life today, they would be these. Know where your money is headed, make sure to have an emergency fund, and protect your credit score! Know where your money is headed- Give each of your hard earned dollars a place in your budget. If

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Finances & Fireworks

I love fireworks, you love fireworks, we all love fireworks! But what is the actual cost of your fireworks? Here’s our breakdown of finances & fireworks. Fireworks play a major role in our Independence Day and Pioneer Day (for Utah) celebrations. However, you might be surprised at the cost of these explosions in the sky. The

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