Month: April 2016

Using tax return

Best Way to Use Your Tax Return

Taxes were due on the 18th of April this year and a lot of returns have already arrived or will be arriving soon! Last year the IRS returned a total of $124.670 billion and the average return was $3,120*. This is a lot of money and could help your financial situation if used in the best

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garden saving money

How Your Garden Can Save You Money

Starting a garden can be a great way to save some money! Store bought produce can be expensive. However, it depends on the vegetable if it is actually worth planting yourself. Some take a lot more time, space and care than others and their seeds can sometimes be expensive. Keep your garden simple and easy

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Summer vacation on beach

Summer Vacation: Budgeting Do’s & Don’ts

The summer is on it’s way and everyone is itching to go on vacation. While vacation is always a great experience, the financial burden it can cause isn’t. Here are some simple practices to help you make the most of your vacation and not spend all of your savings to get to your destination!

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Budgeting jar

5 Simple Budget Cuts

If your income isn’t covering all of your costs, try cutting out these 5 things from your budget! Dining Out Americans spend around $1,000 a year eating out. That’s if they spend around $10’s for two meals a week. Chances are that you probably spend more. The hard part is how fast it adds up.

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