Month: April 2015

Lift Credit personal loans

Should You Buy It?

Using money responsibly will improve not only your life, but the lives of those around you. Understanding how money can either create or destroy, you can learn to make choices that support yourself, each other, and the environment. Take control of your financial decisions and ask yourself these questions before you buy something – not

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How to Save $5,000 in a Year

Working on putting away and Emergency Fund? Want a nice down payment on a new car, or house? Here are some simple, do-able ways to put some money away without it feeling like a huge blow.

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Reducing utility bills

Easy Ways to Reduce Your Utility Bills

Making a few simple changes to your daily habits can help cut your utility bills without making any major sacrifices. Keep the thermostat set to 68 in winter, and 75 in summer. If you’re wearing a jacket inside in the summer, you’ll save money by turning down the AC and just wearing a T-shirt. Same

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Losing weight without going broke

Lose Weight Without Going Broke

You don’t have to buy fancy equipment, pre-planned and pre-packaged meals, or expensive supplements that promise to give you a six-pack and melt your saddlebags. And don’t waste your money on fitness plans that promise to deliver – they only do if you’re willing to work hard – and working hard doesn’t have to cost

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Ways to earn cash

Legitimate Ways to Earn Extra Cash

There are many legitimate ways these days to earn a few extra dollars when your monthly budget seems to be spread too thin. We’ve rounded up some of the best ideas and a few resources to get you started.

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1040 tax form software

Top 3 Free Tax Software

According to IRS disclosures, it takes a person in the US an average of 13 hours to plan, prepare, and file their federal taxes. With April 15 coming up, if you haven’t filed your taxes yet, you need a quick solution.

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