You don’t have to buy fancy equipment, pre-planned and pre-packaged meals, or expensive supplements that promise to give you a six-pack and melt your saddlebags. And don’t waste your money on fitness plans that promise to deliver – they only do if you’re willing to work hard – and working hard doesn’t have to cost you anything.

Pump iron at home, not the gym
Don’t pay for a gym membership unless you LOVE going there. If you have a small home with no room for equipment, or you love the atmosphere of the classes, then it may be worth it to fork out the dough. But you can do nearly everything the gym provides at home for a fraction of the cost – search craigslist or (in Utah) for people in your area selling their used home gym equipment.

If you really want a workout plan (like P90X or Insanity), many people sell their DVDs online when they’re done with the program, so you don’t have to pay full price.

YouTube workout videos
Type in nearly any exercise you want to do, and hundreds of videos will pop up! Yoga, Dance videos, body weight exercises – they’re all there, for free! and have YouTube videos and infographics you can print out and do in the comfort of your own home.

Body-weight exercises
Pinterest has a gazillion infographics on workouts you can do at home with zero equipment. Try Tabata or HIIT exercises to really torch fat – neither of which requires any special workout gear.

Running or jogging is the classic, sure-fire cheap way to lose weight. The only cost is making sure you have good quality running shoes (and sports bras) so you don’t injure yourself. has a huge database of free bodyweight exercises to target whatever trouble zones you have.

Find healthy meals online
Pinterest is the mecca of healthy food recipes. If you’re looking for low-carb, gluten-free, paleo, or low-calorie recipes, search Pinterest and you’ll find thousands of them. A few of our favorite websites:
For Low Carb recipes:,
Paleo recipes:,
Protein-rich recipes:

Use Apps to keep you on the right path
Use free fitness and diet apps to track your weight and nutrition. (Some you don’t even need a smartphone or app for – you can use them on their website.) Here are a few free ones we’ve used:
Nike+ Running
7 Minute Workout
Sworkit Lite Personal Trainer
MyDiet Coach
Noom CardioTrainer
Daily Yoga – Fitness On the go