Why the name change? Because you asked for it! We sent out a survey asking you, our customers, how we could improve. One of the overwhelming responses was to change our name. You wanted a more friendly, modern brand, and that’s just what we’ve created with Lift Credit. In addition to the name change, we’ve improved our application process and loan options.

Our management is staying the same and our customer service will still be just as great – our team hasn’t changed at all! The only things you’ll notice are a better name, and better rates!

Do I have to start the application process over?

No! All 2 Guys Loans customer information, including logins, transferred over to our new system.

Where do I login in to my 2 Guys Loans Account?

Right here! You’ll use your same login and password that you used with 2 Guys Loans.

Does the name change affect my payment schedule or interest rate?

No. Your loan due dates remain the same. The only thing that changes is where you log in and the name on your payment transaction on your bank statement. Your interest rate will remain the same as it appeared on your 2 Guys Loans contract.

Can I open another Loan through Lift Credit if I already have one with 2 Guys Loans?

No, only one loan can be open at a time. You can always pay off your current loan and open a new one.

How is Lift Credit better?

We focus on the user and everything else follows. We focus on providing our customers the BEST user experience and customer service. We are constantly working night and day to offer the best financial services to YOU.

What if I have more questions?

Just give us a call at 801-477-1222 and we’ll be happy to help you!